Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe
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Deeply convinced that coffee is an element of friendship, encounter, pleasure and enjoyment, the illy company has been taking Italian coffee culture to the world since 1933. Born in Hungary, Francesco illy came to Trieste after the First World War. Creative, ingenious and cosmopolitan as he was, he found here the three great loves of his life: his wife, the city of Trieste and coffee. He founded the illy caffè company. Gradually he became interested in cocoa and coffee, which arrived at the port of Trieste from all parts of the world. Today, the illy family is the third generation to run the company and is known for its authentic illy espresso.


illy caffè stands for high quality and unmistakable taste. A unique coffee blend of nine pure Arabica varieties, enjoyed every day by millions of people on all 5 continents of the world. Around the perfect coffee pleasure, the company has built a whole world of refinement, experience, taste, science and art. Today, the illy range also includes coffee machines, designer cups and accessories. The illy universe extends to "espressamente illy, a worldwide franchise chain in the style of typical Italian coffee bars, as well as a network of top international baristas who are allowed to use the title Artisti del Gusto - Taste Artists. The illy Classico normal roast is a real hit among illy coffees in practical CAPSULE, PADS as well as WHOLE BOARDS. If you like it a little stronger, go for the ILLY INTENSO STRONG ROAST.
Cappuccino Latte Art in einer weißen Porzellantasse von illy Cappuccino Latte Art in einer weißen Porzellantasse von illy
Das Espresso wird in im Siebträger an der Tischkante getampt Das Espresso wird in im Siebträger an der Tischkante getampt


Ernesto illy said back in 1976 that companies must not only be economic, but must also be legitimized with "respect for people, the community and the environment." For illy, a traditional company, sustainability is a big part of its work. Economic sustainability, meaning an improvement in the quality of life for all stakeholders and a shared value chain, is strived for. Ecological sustainability in the form of respect for the environment and taking action against pollution is also important to illy. In addition, social sustainability is promoted.


Since 2021, illy is the first Italian company to be B Corp certified. The certification is an impartial assessment of the sustainability of all areas of a company. Out of over 100,000 companies, only three percent were able to meet the demanding criteria. B Corp certification allows illy to demonstrate that the company is sustainable in all areas. illy operates in a completely transparent manner and strives for continuous improvement and innovation. Sustainability is firmly embedded in illy's daily operations. In illy's manifesto, it is stipulated that excellent quality coffee is present in every single cup. Likewise, the goal is set to be a completely carbon-neutral company by 2033. illy wants to be a pioneer and make a difference, contributing to the protection of the planet every day.
Frau steht an der Siebträgermaschine und bereitet einen illy Espresso zu Frau steht an der Siebträgermaschine und bereitet einen illy Espresso zu


illy's passion to always give the best is not only about its products, however, but also includes its relationships with coffee farmers in Central and South America, India and Africa, and the improvement of their living conditions. illy's values are the constant pursuit of improvement, transparency, sustainability and the personal development of people. Respect for people and the environment earned illy the "Responsible Supply Chain Process" award from DNV (Det Norske Veritas), the first company in the world to do so. This confirms illy's sustainability of the entire value chain - from farmer to consumer.


For the promotion of the coffee culture and to spread the Italian culture of coffee in Italy as well as all over the world, illy founded the Università del caffè - the coffee university. Innovations such as the ILLY CAPSULE MACHINE IPERESPRESSO and illy issimo - a ready-to-drink coffee drink are due to these universities. In the meantime, these have been built in more than 20 locations.

Well-balanced fruity with a medium body
and a fine, light crema.