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Tamp your espresso correctly for preparation with a portafilter machine and discover the difference! Here's how to do it:


Joe Frex

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First, make sure that the espresso portafilter, the tamper, and the base have been thoroughly cleaned with clean water. Prepare your workstation. A tamping mat is often used to protect the kitchen plate or the base.

Grind the coffee beans you want to use directly into the portafilter. The grind recommendation is fine. Or use already ground espresso powder that you spoon into the portafilter. The amount depends on the size of the espresso tamper, the carrier and the desired result. Basically, you should not fill the portafilter completely to the brim, but leave about half a centimeter of space.

Straighten the surface of the coffee powder by smoothing it with your finger. Use the coffee stamp, the tamper, to press the powder firmly. Press lightly at first so that the loose powder has a smooth surface. Make sure that the powder is pressed evenly in all places.

Now you can lightly tap the tamper against the portafilter to remove any remaining powder on the rim. After tapping, press firmly again on the coffee powder. The recommended contact pressure is 15-20 kg.

To create an even more even surface, move the tamper in a circular motion over the coffee powder. If you press too lightly, the water runs unevenly through the coffee powder and the full aroma cannot develop.

Enjoy your aromatic and authentic espresso. After enjoying espresso, the tamper as well as the portafilter should be cleaned quickly. To do this, tap out the wet powder and rinse all components again with clean water.


Mäder Kaffee
M-Café Espresso
whole bean / 1000 g

Linea Espresso
whole bean / 1000 g



Inveterate fragrant lovers use a professional espresso tamper to prepare espresso in the portafilter. The tamper is reminiscent of a large round plunger that is used to evenly distribute and firmly press the espresso powder in the portafilter. The aim of tamping is to create a homogeneous mass of coffee powder. This provides uniform resistance to the incoming hot water, so that an ideal brewing pressure is built up. The powder is moistened evenly, which results in the flavor of the coffee being optimally extracted.