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Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe
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Since 2014, the roastery Kaffeesack inspires coffee lovers with specialty coffees, which always leaves the roasting a few days after roasting and thus always has a high quality. The special names of the individual roasts provide incidentally for a high recognition value and at the first reading certainly now and then for a little smile.


Kaffeesack is composed of a team consisting of real coffee experts. The network of specialty traders and the direct purchase of coffee beans from partner coffee farms ensure high quality coffees. Kaffeesack knows some of the farmers and growers from whom the green coffee comes personally - and you can taste it! The special names of the individual products ensure recognition and eye-catchers in the coffee world, and the exceptional portfolio ensures that there is something for every taste. In addition to delicious roasts and roastery tours, Kaffeesack also offers home barista courses. Customers learn everything they need to know about coffee and are shown the tips and tricks for perfect coffee preparation. The fact that the roastery knows its craft is proven by the "Onkel Otto" filter coffee, which was awarded the gold medal of the German Roasters' Guild in 2021.

Gemahlener Kaffee Gemahlener Kaffee
Rösterei Rösterei


The roastery of Kaffeesack is located in Achern, Baden-Württemberg. Since 2019, the best coffee is produced here and roasted six days a week and served in the attached café. The high-quality coffees are roasted in the traditional drum roasting process on a 15 kg Giesen roaster and then delivered to customers, just a few days after roasting. Every third Saturday of the month, Kaffeesack opens its factory so that coffee-loving customers can see how the coffee is roasted, ground and packaged. In addition, roastery tours and roasting demonstrations are offered that illustrate how the green coffee is stored, what procedures and processes there are in the roastery and how the coffee ultimately changes during the roasting process.


In the Brewbar, customers can enjoy a variety of coffee specialties every day, ranging from classic hand-filter coffee to espresso from the portafilter machine. The offer is complemented by homemade cakes, croissants, vegan specialties and other delicacies.

Kaffeesack | Fautenbacher Strasse 14 | 77885 Achern | Germany

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